Metabo Service

Real partnership always starts for us with listening. Therefore we have further developed and expanded our service concept together with specialist trade partners and industrial companies. In addition to repairs at a proven flat rate, we are now also offering full service packages with all-round carefree protection - for even safer planning and fewer costs.



The repairs are done in an uncomplicated manner without cost estimate. Thanks to fair fixed prices or service flat rates time and processing expenses are saved.


With the 3-year XXL warranty on mains-powered and cordless tools and the 3-year warranty on battery packs Metabo offers above-average services - free of charge. After a repair in the smart service, we grant as an additional security promise 6 months new warranty on the entire machine.


The fixed prices for repairs and full service packages are calculated tightly and fair.

Free: 3-year XXL warranty on all tools

Metabo trusts its own quality and offers instead of the usual 1 to 2 years a free 3-year XXL warranty - a simple registration is enough.


Free: 3-year warranty on all battery packs

No matter if LiHD or Lithium-Ion battery packs from Metabo: We grant 3 years of warranty for free - without any limitation of the charging cycles.